Who We Are: Solar Media Ltd.

We believe companies in the Energy industry are helping to build a cleaner and fairer world. That is why we want
to help our sponsors to build their brands, make the right connections, and win the deals that help them to grow.
If we can do that, we not only improve a company’s bottom line but also contribute to tackling climate change and
helping governments reach their decarbonisation goals.

Established in 2006, Solar Media Ltd is a business-to-business media company specialising in the provision of
digital news, business intelligence, print publishing and high-quality events to serve the needs of the solar, energy
storage, electric vehicle, hydrogen and now wind sector.

Incorporating wind events into our established portfolio in 2021 is part of our ongoing strategy to be the No. 1
media platform in the renewable energy industry. Our aim is to serve as an indispensable promotional partner for
our customers by consistently delivering audience engagement through quality content.

We will continue to bring together key stakeholders who are shaping the sustainable energy future and showcase
real world opportunities to accelerate the transition to a low carbon energy system world-wide.

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Our event portfolio launched in 2013 with global titles held in almost every continent in the world.

The full list of events can be seen at: solarmedia.co.uk/events

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