Rishi Sahay Speaker at Wind Finance & Investment Summit USA

Rishi Sahay

Director of Portfolio Analytics, BatterySIMM Ascend Analytics

Rishi Sahay, Director of Portfolio Analytics leads Ascend’s BatterySIMM group, which provides developers and investors of battery and renewable+battery projects with detailed revenue estimates for prospective as well as operating assets.  Ascend’s BatterySIMM group also provides advisory services related to project financings and M&A transactions. The Ascend team and BatterySIMM have earned the trust required to support and finance projects by determining the unique value components of each project, and supported over three dozen project financings in 2021.

Prior to joining Ascend, Rishi worked at AEGIS Hedging Solutions and Risked Revenue Energy Associates, where he spent nearly a decade assisting oil and gas producers, refineries, airlines, and manufacturing companies with their hedge programs and risk management practices.  Prior to that, Rishi worked in the investment management industry at AllianceBernstein and Janus Capital.  Rishi has an MS in Mathematics from NYU, a BA in Economics from Dartmouth, and holds the CFA designation.

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