What’s Next in Revenue Streams?

Time: 5:00 pm - 5:40 pm

Date: Day One - 4th October


As we see a shift in renewable power revenue models, there has been an emergence of novel approaches expanding access to new players. We have seen investor appetite grow with institutional investors much more willing to back projects at an early stage now than previously. We’ve also seen M&A activity as investors targeted a range of company types, sometimes avoiding assets exposed to power price risk. What’s next? To sustainably scale in this industry, revenue models must evolve to both account for growing demand and to future-proof against dynamic variables including fuel pricing, supply chain challenges, policy changes and local resistance. Hear from a panel of experts from across the spectrum who will challenge the audience to think about how to evolve their business models to build in more resiliency and show why business as usual won’t get the industry to the next stage.


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