Data Centers as a Route to Market

Time: 3:00 pm - 3:20 pm

Date: Day One - 4th October


Clean power producers lose up to 30% of revenue from curtailed energy they can’t sell back to the grid. The Inflation Reduction Act will add an unprecedented amount of renewable energy to the grid, but our transmission and storage capacity will lag far behind. While we wait for transmission build-out, flexible demand from data centers offers an immediately available and scalable solution to increase revenue for wind projects and prevent clean energy from going to waste.

This talk will give an overview of batchable computing and what benefits it can bring to wind farms.

  • How can data centers serve as a flexible route-to-market for wind developers?
  • What is batchable or flexible computing, and how does it differ from battery storage as a demand response solution?
  • How much revenue does the average wind project lose due to forced curtailment?
  • How does co-locating a data center impact the insurance and bankability of a project?


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